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Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form that tells the story of all human experience.

With tarot, we connect with Spirit to discern wise guidance for the present, develop understanding of the past, and learn ways to work to manifest our goals and possibilities for the future.

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Tarot by Christiana Weekly Newsletter 8/14/2013


Tarot by Christiana Newsletter

          August 14, 2013      




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The word “connections” means a lot of different things. It can refer to networking. That is, meeting the right influential people. It can refer to something that happens when we meet a specific special person.


Making connections is also a helpful thought process where we are able to see a similarities, patterns and synchronicities.


Making the right sort of connections, be they human or conceptual, is imperative in every aspect of life. Without them we will be lonely in our personal lives, unsuccessful in our careers and unenlightened in our sense of self.


Many people believe that a Higher Power or greater energy puts advantageous connections in our path. Whether or not that is so, one truth remains. It is always up to us to open ourselves to the connections that help us and move us forward.







Find the Connections Tarot Spread


Part of personal growth and healing is to find the unhealthy patterns that appear in our lives. So often these patterns are subconscious. It is not until we make ourselves aware of unhealthy patterns that we are able to change them.


Here is a two-card tarot spread that can help you do just that.


Card one will identify an unhealthy pattern in your life.


Card two will give you advice about how to change it.


In this way we are able to take control of our lives proactively, rather than being a slave to patterns we don’t even notice. 






The Week in Review


This has been my last week of traveling before I am able to settle back in to my home in Lutz, Florida. Next week I will tell you all about my travels. In the meanwhile, check out what I did to keep up with my blogs.


On the Tarot Topics Community Blog, I wrote a short piece about all the ways tarot can work for us. Check out Tarot Does it all.


On the Dark Forest blog I wrote about some interesting synchronicities with my new favorite plants. Read A Special Plant.


On my personal blog I wrote some thoughts about what it takes to be really successful. Read Talent and Success.



From Around the Web


This week I wanted to share the websites of some of my favorite tarot artists. These are some of the modern professional artists who have taken tarot to a new level of artistry and imagination.


Ciro Marchetti is the artist responsible for Gilded Tarot, Gilded Tarot Royale, Tarot of Dreams and Legacy of the Divine Tarot. On his website you have the opportunity to watch videos and see his cards presented in a gallery. You can also order decks, reading cloths, boxes and other beautiful accessories.


Lisa Hunt is the artist behind Celtic Dragon Tarot, Animals Divine Tarot, Ghosts and Spirits Tarot and more. Not only has she added beautiful art to tarot, she has contributed to a specific tarot tradition, one I call “Archetypal Assignment Tarot.” Through studying her decks our understanding of tarot archetypes is enhanced.

There’s a lot to do on Lisa’s website, and some tempting things to order, including her custom spirit drawings.


Paulina Cassidy has a style like no other. Her art is whimsical and fanciful. She has designed Paulina Tarot and Joie de Vivre Tarot, as well as other books and oracles. She is a young artist and brings a youthful energy to tarot.


Her website is a treasure trove for the inner child and the spirit.






Connections in Tarot


When we study tarot we often make connections between the cards by comparing and contrasting them.


When we perform readings we derive information from the connections we see in the cards.


Some connections come from similarities in terms of suits, numbers and images.


Other connections are in terms of certain similarities. Making these connections helps us understand and interpret tarot on a deeper level.


Here are some of the Major Arcana connections I like to make.


The Fool, the Magician and the High Priestess all have to do with rudimentary learning. The Fool learns by exploring his environment. The Magician learns by exploring his tools, skills and abilities. The High Priestess learns by looking within.


We see another connection in learning when we look at the Magician, Hierophant and Hermit together. I often call this group the cards of higher education. We could see the Magician as the Bachelor’s Degree, the Hierophant as the Master’s Degree and the Hermit as the PhD. Each card can discuss a commitment to seeking education and wisdom.


The High Priestess can also connect with the Hierophant in that they are both clergy.


The High Priestess can also connect with the Hermit and the Moon in that all three cards deal with deeper spiritual wisdom and hidden mysteries.


The High Priestess and the Moon connect in that they both refer to feminine spiritual wisdom.


The Wheel of Fortune, Justice, Hanged Man and Death all connect in the concept of dealing with things we cannot change.


You can see how easy it is to make connections between tarot cards. This is an exercise that is very valuable in increasing our understanding of tarot.







What’s up at the Psychic Café?


It is starting to seem that Christiana’s Psychic Café has a life of its own! I am so happy to have so many great guests and so many loyal viewers!


Did you see the encore episode last Sunday, August 11th? My goal was to get each of us thinking about an answer to the question “What is one thing we can do to create a better world?” When I asked the twelve people that question on the show, each one of them found that asking for only one thing made the question hard to answer.


It is easy to think of the multitude of things we can do. To focus on only one is harder.  Perhaps that’s the trick – to have the focus to find just one proactive thing we can each do.


This coming Sunday, August 18th, I am back with a live show and a great guest, Jennifer Sieck.


Jennifer has a background in both psychology and spirituality. She works with tarot, Jungian concepts, the Four Elements and more. She has a very successful practice that incorporates her intuitive and creative gifts as well as her years of study. Please don’t miss the opportunity to share in her wisdom and knowledge!


Check out Christiana’s Psychic Café on Facebook, and don’t forget to hit the “Like” button!





Your One-Card Weekly Reading


Your One-Card reading for the week is the Hanged Man.


Here we see a person suspended in an uncomfortable position. We also see that the person is not distressed by his situation. In fact, he has the halo of enlightenment. Rather than bemoaning his situation, he has used his discomfort to bring himself to a state of spiritual transformation.


He has sacrificed his comfort in order to deepen his understanding.


In our mundane lives this card offers some great pieces of advice.


When you can’t change your situation, change your attitude.


Know when you can’t control a situation, and don’t try.


Sometimes surrender is the only way to win.


Sometimes you just have to wait.


If you want to grow spiritually you have to suffer a bit.


Often when I see this card I think of the Serenity Prayer.


“Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

The courage to change the things I can,

And the wisdom to know the difference.”





Upcoming Events


Sunday August 18, 9 pm

Christiana’s Psychic Café


I’m back with a live show and a very special guest!


Jennifer Seick will be joining me for an interesting conversation.


Jennifer has a master’s degree in counseling, and is an intuitive empath. She works with tarot and the Four Elements, and designs sacred jewelry. 


This promises to be a fascinating show.


Visit the Psychic Café page for more information.



Wednesday August 21, 7 pm

Free Webinar

The Four Elements and the Major Arcana


The four elements of life are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They each have metaphysical properties as well as physical properties.


The four elements correlate with the four suits of the Minor Arcana of the tarot. They also correlate with individual cards of the Major Arcana.


The term “Major Arcana” means “Greater Secrets.” The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana contain the most spiritual messages and lessons of the tarot, and tell the story of our journey through life.


When we learn the elemental associations for each of the Major Arcana cards, we have a clear way to understand these important cards.


This 75 minute webinar will help the tarot student more fully understand the four elements. It will provide a deeper way to comprehend each of the Major Arcana cards. The student will be able to more fully interpret the Major Arcana cards, whether reading for yourself or others.


For log-in information, visit the Event Listing on the Continuing Education Website.



Sunday, August 25, 9 pm

Christiana’s Psychic Café


This will be a very special episode, and the first of a two-part series entitled “Christiana Talks Tarot.”


I will take you on a journey through the Major Arcana.


Anyone interested in tarot will enjoy a unique perspective on these most spiritual cards in the tarot deck. 


Visit the Psychic Café page for more information.



Monday August 26, 7 pm

Premium Webinar

An In-Depth Journey into the Major Arcana – Emotional Balance


This online presentation will focus on Major Arcana cards Eight through Fourteen, Strength through Temperance.


Christiana will present these cards as the keys to enhancing emotional growth and finding emotional balance.


This class will help tarot beginners develop a solid foundation for their tarot study. Experienced readers will discover new ways to utilize tarot.


My virtual classroom is accessible using your computer or your telephone.


Students will follow the Fool’s Journey through the world of emotional growth, and develop an understanding of how these cards hold the secrets of emotional healing and personal well-being.


Students will learn the astrological, numerological and elemental associations for each card. Students will contemplate the Fool’s Journey through these seven cards, and discuss how the lessons of each card apply to the challenges of personal growth.


These seven cards plot a journey toward emotional balance and well-being. Students will learn the invaluable philosophies inherent in these cards.


Armed with a complete understanding of each card, students will have an easy time learning ways of interpreting the cards when reading for themselves and others.


For registration and log-in, visit the Event Listing on the Continuing Education Website.




Tuesday, August 27, 2 pm

Tarot Guild Class

Defining Ethics and Professionalism


Members are the Tarot Guild are invited to join me for a special online class on Tarot Ethics and Professionalism.


If you are a professional tarot reader or plan to be, you don’t want to miss this class!


Visit the Tarot Guild website for more information.



Sunday, September 1, 9 pm

Christiana’s Psychic Café


Join me for the second in my two-part series on tarot, and a special guest.


Kim Wilborn of the Guardian Gateway will be joining me to discuss her work and unveil a very special upcoming event.


Kim is an intuitive healer who works to help people connect with their personal team of Spirit Beings.


She has presented very popular telesummits and is the host of The Guardian Gateway radio show on Blog Talk Radio.


Visit the Psychic Café page for more information.



Tuesday, September 3, 7 9pm

Premium Webinar

Sharing Wisdom – Reading for Others


Tarot hobbyists, professional readers, and those somewhere in between, all share something in common.


We all want to give the best readings possible to clients, family and friends.


In this online presentation I will guide you through each step of performing a great reading.


I will help you discover your personal style as a reader, and discuss some common pitfalls and ways to avoid them.


I will give you insight in how to derive the most specific information possible from each reading.


My virtual classroom is accessible using your computer or your telephone.


For registration and more information, visit the Event Listing on the Continuing Education website.







Tarot by Christiana Gaudet



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