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Another Day Late Dollar Short Hulu Review by Christiana Gaudet.

Justin Timberlake hosted the season finale of Saturday Night Live.  He has appeared on SNL so often that he is neither a surprise nor a novelty, but he is still a treat.

The tastiest bit of that treat was another digital short with Andy Samberg.  A follow-up to the 2009 “Mother Lover" and the 2006 “Dick in a Box,” Timberlake and Samberg reprise their roles as smarmy Hall-&-Oates-like R&B singers. 

This one is called “3-Way (The Golden Rule)”.  In it, our duo enjoys a three-way with musical guest Lady Gaga, because, “It’s not gay if it’s a three way.”

I just love Justin Timberlake.

I didn’t love NSYNC.  In fact, I thought the boy bands of the 1990’s were an abomination.  I worked at a radio station, Q105 in Southeastern Connecticut, during that decade.  I had to listen to, and talk about and sometimes even interview NSYNC, Back Street Boys, LFO and the like.  It is not uncommon for radio personalities to have to promote music they don’t like.

When I left Q105 for a hip-hop station, Jammin’ 107.7, I was shocked that solo Justin Timberlake was on their playlist.  I had to admit; he was growing up and outgrowing the bubblegum.

I didn’t really appreciate JT until I watched the movie “Black Snake Moan.”  He convincingly played a soldier with an anxiety disorder in this serious drama.

Justin Timberlake’s success on SNL proves him a triple threat- he’s a musician, a serious actor, and a comic.

My very favorite JT SNL skit of all time, other than the digital shorts, is “Immigrant Tale” from 5/09/09.  In it, he plays his own ancestor, just arriving on the shores of Ellis Island.  He makes predictions for his great, great grandchild, who will be a singer of popular music.

Timberlake’s ability to laugh at himself was evident in this Saturday’s skits as well.  As a contestant in the game show, “What’s My Name?” he is unable to identify by name a girl he recently slept with, and a less-famous member of NSYNC.  By contrast, Lady Gaga, the other contestant, knows her fans by name.

A second game show, “Secret Word,” had him as a very un-slick mentalist.  That was probably my least favorite of the skits, as it always seems to be just a Kristin Wiig vehicle. 

I loved “The Barry Gibb Talk Show” with Jimmy Fallon.  I remember the Bee Gees well.  JT absolutely nails Robin Gibbs creepy mannerisms.

I wonder if my yet-to-be-born grandchildren will know Justin Timberlake as an acclaimed adult entertainer, remembering his beginnings in the Mickey Mouse Club and NSYNC only as a goofy afterthought.

I hope so.  He has the talent, the presence and the charisma to be a true legend.