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Christiana reading for JaniceTarot hobbyists, professional readers, and those somewhere in between, all share something in common. We all want to give the best readings possible to clients, family and friends.

In this online presentation, Christiana Gaudet will guide you through each step of performing a great reading. She will help you discover your personal style as a reader, and discuss some common pitfalls and ways to avoid them. She will give you insight in how to derive the most specific information possible from each reading.


Christiana’s virtual classroom is accessible using your computer or your telephone.


1. Reading Style
Each reader has a unique style that is developed over time. Throughout this presentation, we will focus on aspects of style. Each student must consider what practices work best for them. The sum total of a reader's practices is what defines his or her style.

2. Goals and Purposes
Clients have many different purposes for choosing to have a reading. A reader's goals tend to be consistent.

3. Prior to the Reading: Creating Sacred Space
Readings must be conducted in sacred space. How sacred space is created is up to the reader. The reader is also responsible for other decisions that will set the stage for a great reading.

4. During the Reading: What techniques to use?
There are many possible techniques a reader can employ. The more techniques a reader has in his or her toolbox, the more possibilities there are for creating an insightful experience.

5. Discern Details
The mark of a great reader is a detailed reading. There are many tools a reader can use to derive detailed information.

6. Handle Problems
From difficult clients to difficult cards, it is important for a reader's toolbox to include techniques and remedies that can turn any difficulty into an opportunity to give greater insight.

7. Ending the Reading
As you end the reading and close sacred space, it is important to know the right steps for closure.

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