Certified Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet

I am Certified Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet.  From my home in Lutz, Florida, I serve a worldwide clientele.  I am available for private readings, house calls and psychic parties throughout Florida.  I offer private readings and instruction by telephone and Skype. I also provide a series of webinars using the Cisco WebEx meeting platform.

A reading with me is insightful and powerful.  To each reading I bring my extensive knowledge of Tarot, my natural intuitive and spiritual talents, and more than twenty-five years of serious study and experience. 

While every reading is a unique experience, each client can expect to receive a new perspective on their past, a deeper understanding of self  and loved ones (both living and passed), a clear agenda for personal and professional development, and a vision for goals and options for their future.

I perform every reading with respect for each person's spiritual orientation, lifestyle choices and cultural perspective.  I strive to bring compassion, humor, and a positive message to each reading.

I am happy to provide readings, private instruction, psychic house parties, learning parties, and psychic entertainment at corporate and charity events.  I am a popular speaker at business meetings, women's groups, and student events.  I have an extensive background in radio, and have appeared many times on television. 

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