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Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form that tells the story of all human experience.

With tarot, we connect with Spirit to discern wise guidance for the present, develop understanding of the past, and learn ways to work to manifest our goals and possibilities for the future.

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The Four Elements and the Minor Arcana


All Levels/Everyone Welcome

Nine of CupsPlease join us for a 75-minute-long webinar about the Four Elements (Earth, Air, Fire and Water) and the Minor Arcana of the Tarot. This class will cover the powers and properties of the four elements, and how they relate to the four suits in tarot. You will learn ways of interpreting the pip cards and the court cards based on their elemental association. You will learn ways of designing and performing tarot spreads based on the four elements. This class is appropriate for beginners, and readers of all levels.


1. The Importance of the Four Elements
The four elements are included in esoteric traditions across the world. The four elements are an important aspect of metaphysical understanding in many systems, including astrology, Wiccan magick and tarot. If we understand how the four elements correspond to tarot, we will find the cards easier to remember, interpret and understand.

2. Properties of the Four Elements
As the table indicates, each element has specific properties and associations. Once we understand these, it becomes easy to understand systems based on the four elements, such as tarot.

3. The Influence of the Four Elements on The Pip Cards, or Four Suits
Using one suit as a demonstration, we see the energy of the suit’s element within each card. Looking through all four suits, we can see that each suit’s element is consistently expressed in each card. This gives us ways to understand and interpret each card.

4. The Elements and the Court Cards
As the table indicates, the Court ranks also have elemental associations. The personalities of the Court Cards are determined by their element. When reversed, the personality is determined by the effect of the reversal upon the element.

5. Elemental Trends Within a Tarot Spread
When interpreting a spread, the distribution of suits (elements) can add to the interpretation.

6. Elemental Spreads
Spreads can be designed and performed based on the Four Elements. As we see in the table, elemental positions can offer a great deal of information.

7. An Elemental Reading
Each student will perform a four-card Elemental Reading, using only the pip cards.

Total Time: 1 hour 15 min

This is a Free Webinar Available Online Only!

Presented by Certified Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet using the application. There is no fee to attend, but your love donation is appreciated and helps support these presentations. Call 866-998-2768 or 561-655-1160 for more information.

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Join the Meeting Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - 7:00pm

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