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Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form that tells the story of all human experience.

With tarot, we connect with Spirit to discern wise guidance for the present, develop understanding of the past, and learn ways to work to manifest our goals and possibilities for the future.

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Tarot for Magick, Divination, Meditation and Personal Growth

Tarot is a “Spiritual Multi-Tool.” The more we work with it, the more we will find ways it will work for us. The best ways to make the most of your relationship with Tarot include:

  • Learn basic keywords for each card.
  • Learn to relate specific cards to specific people.
  • Find ways to creatively express your own understanding of the cards, through poetry, essay, dance, collage, art, etc.
  • Look for card images and symbols in your day-to-day world.
  • Discover specific cards that have specific connections to you, and to the people you care about, via numerology, astrology and other methods.
  • Explore Tarot-themed candles, oils, foods, etc. as ways of connecting with the cards.
  • Find songs, movies, TV shows, etc, that represent Tarot cards to you.
  • Look at many different Tarot decks to see how different artists represent different cards.

Tarot for Magick

Tarot cards can be used to draw, strengthen or diminish energies around you. You may create a complex spell using many cards, or you may simply choose one card on which to focus. Tarot magick may be done within a larger ritual, or on its own in a more casual way. Tarot magick may involve meditation with a Tarot image, or simply using the card by carrying it, sleeping with it, burning in, laying on your altar, destroying it, hanging it on your wall, or putting it with another sacred object (under a crystal, within a book, on a candle, etc. For magick, copies of Tarot cards on paper, or in jewelry or other media will work just as well as actual Tarot cards.

Tarot cards can also be used as magickal tools in ritual, to honor or invoke the four elements, deities, angels or spirits.

Tarot for Divination

Divination is a psychic practice that involves seeking answers to questions by means of a tool. It suggests that you are connecting with a divine source to get your answers. Tarot Divination may involve a dialogue with the cards, or the use of a Tarot spread. Divination may be performed within a ritual or meditation, or in a more casual way. When you use the cards in divination you may ask the question, not of the cards, but of Spirit, however you see it.

Tarot for Meditation

Tarot cards can be used to encourage and enhance meditation. You may choose an image to meditate with because it comforts you, or inspires you, or helps you to reach alpha state.

You may use meditation as a way of coming to understand a particular card. Simply look at the card as you breathe, and ask it “What do you mean to me?” See what answer comes into your mind. Does it relate to a specific experience in your own life?

You may do magick by meditating with a card. One way is to focus on a tarot image while you focus on breathing. Breathe the card into yourself, and envision that, as you do, the energy of that card is coming into your life. So, for instance, if you needed a new home, you bring breathe in the energy of the Ten of Pentacles.

You may also, in meditation, place yourself within the card’s image and, through your actions, achieve a specific goal or find a piece of information.. Ask the High Priestess a question, for instance. Or see yourself as the figure in the Eight of Swords, and find a way to free yourself from your situation.  As you accomplish the task in meditation, you also effect a change within yourself.

Tarot for Personal Growth

  • Working with the cards will make your more psychic, more insightful and more creative. The ways in which you can actively use the Tarot as a personal growth tool are limitless.
  • Find cards that are particularly distasteful to you, and take a fearless look at how they speak to you or your life.
  • In divination, ask hard questions about your character, and your areas for growth.
  • In meditation, breathe in cards that represent strengths that you would like to enhance. Do visualizations around images that represent healing from negative traits.
  • Use divination to analyze your dysfunctional relationships, and to improve your communication.
  • Use divination for brainstorming and decision-making.
  • Write about different cards and how they describe your experiences and feelings.
  • Look at cards that you perceive as negative and find positive things about them.