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Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form that tells the story of all human experience.

With tarot, we connect with Spirit to discern wise guidance for the present, develop understanding of the past, and learn ways to work to manifest our goals and possibilities for the future.

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Introducing The Tarot of Transformation

Many Tarot decks are designed with a specific purpose. Some are meant to honor a particular art form, or are centered around a particular design theme. Some use the traditional archetypes of the Tarot to express a particular spiritual practice or tradition.

The Tarot of Transformation is based on the idea of personal transformation, as well as the transformation of our global community.

Each card helps us, as members of a global community, to focus on achieving a better ecological balance for our world, and a healthier mindset for our society.

As individuals dedicated to personal growth, the cards serve as a guide toward personal transformation.

In most cases, the authors of the deck do stay within the archetypal idea of the traditional Tarot, even if the images and key phrases are very different. Students of the traditional Tarot will enjoy using this deck to help them expand their understanding of the ancient archetypes.

If the Tarot of Transformation is your first introduction to the Tarot, it is best to understand that this modern deck is a very special evolution of a time-honored tradition. In its early roots, the Tarot was, admittedly, sexist, classist and hierarchical, reflecting its medieval origins.

Many traditions of Tarot reading have been removed from the Tarot of Transformation. For instance, the authors have chosen not to interpret reversed cards. Instead, we are invited to see both an up and a down side of each card, and intellectually or intuitively decide which energy best suits our present circumstances.

Likewise, large spreads using many cards are discouraged. Each card bears such an important message that it needs to be digested and understood without the clutter of too many other cards around it.

The artwork of the Tarot of Transformation invites meditation. Each picture can draw you in until you become a part of the image, and allow the image to speak to you directly.

The Tarot of Transformation book is well–written. Unlike many tarot books, it does not put a greater importance on Major Arcana cards than Minor Arcana cards. Each card is given a long description. Many card interpretations suggest personal exercises or meditations to help in your journey toward transformation.

The book also suggests that being cognitively drawn to a card is as important as pulling a card at random. However a card comes to you, it is important to understand its message to you, and how it can help you transform your life, your community and your planet.

The Tarot of Transformation is a personal tool for meditation, healing and growth. It is also a tool to be shared with friends, family, and community. It is not intended to predict the future or answer mundane questions. Instead it is a spiritual and psychological tool. The Tarot of Transformation is uniquely designed to give you insight and to help you connect with your highest source of personal power.

The artwork of the Tarot of Transformation is very abstract, and its color theme is purple. The cards are larger than average, but that seems necessary to give room to the complex detail of each image. My only complaint about this deck is that the cards seem cheaply made and are printed on thin stock. However, when I got my review deck I did stress-test a few cards and they held up just fine.

This is a great deck for people who enjoy card oracles but are not huge Tarot enthusiasts, because each card can read like an oracle card. It is also great for people who enjoy abstract meditative artwork, students of transpersonal psychology, and people who want to explore the Tarot as a tool of spiritual and psychological transformation.

In professional readings, I use it as an adjunct to a more traditional deck. When I am stumped on a particular issue, or when a problem needs greater clarification, I bring out the Tarot of Transformation, fan it across the table, and ask the client to pick a couple of cards. I jokingly call this process “Bringing out the Big Guns.” It really does seem to work to bring a sense of clarity and understanding to a particularly complex reading. It is nice, too, that none of the images or card names are threatening or negative. Even if the message is severe or intense, it is given in a kind and loving way.

The Tarot of Transformation is a great tool for a daily one-card reading, dream interpretation, Tarot magick, meditation, and for developing a deeper understanding of the Tarot as a whole.