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Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form that tells the story of all human experience.

With tarot, we connect with Spirit to discern wise guidance for the present, develop understanding of the past, and learn ways to work to manifest our goals and possibilities for the future.

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Introducing the Lover's Path Tarot

A Tarot about Love

“Tell me about my love life!” I think most tarot readers hear this request more often than any other question. Perhaps this is because love, romance and procreation are emotional and biological prime directives for us all. Perhaps it is because love between humans is one of the ways that divine power shows itself on earth. Perhaps it is because love and passion are the causes of great human suffering throughout history and all over the world.

From Kris Waldherr, author and artist of the Goddess Tarot, comes the Lover’s Path Tarot. This tarot set is specifically designed to address the question of love in our lives.

Its packaging is luxurious and romantic; reminding us that romance is an energy we create around ourselves. Its stories remind us of the eternal joys and struggles of love. As it tells stories of lovers through time and mythology, it tells our own stories as well.

A Storytelling Tarot

All tarot decks tell a story. Typically, it is the story of the Fool, an Everyman sort of character, who experiences each tarot card as a lesson along the path of life. Recently man tarot artists and authors have used the storytelling nature of the tarot to depict stories from many cultures and times.

The Ancestral Path Tarot uses each Minor Arcana suit to tell a story from a specific race of the human family. The Whimsical Tarot uses each card to depict a fairy tale or nursery rhyme. The Goddess Tarot assigns a particular Goddess and her mythology to each Major Arcana card, and to each suit of the Minor Arcana. The Lover’s Path Tarot is an ambitious story telling project. Each Major Arcana card is represented by a love story, as is each suit of the Minor Arcana.

As tarot readers, we must all be storytellers. We must look at the cards as they are laid out and put the images together to tell the story of the querent’s life, or situation.

A Teaching Tarot

The point that Kris Waldherr stresses is that all our relationships mirror our relationship with ourselves. If we are out of balance, our relationships will be out of balance. If we treat ourselves badly, we will be in relationships with those who treat us badly, or with those we treat badly.

In studying the Lover’s Path Tarot we have the opportunity to learn about the tarot, to learn about love stories throughout the ages, to learn about the nature of love, and, maybe most importantly, to learn about ourselves.

The best way to use the Lover’s Path Tarot to help improve our relationship with self is to dialogue with the cards. Use the cards as a method of communicating with your higher consciousness, and let one answer lead to the next question. These methods are described in detail starting on page 124 of the Lover’s Path Tarot Book.

The Lover’s Path Tarot Book

The Lover’s Path Tarot Book is a wonderful resource. It contains details stories of the featured lovers, upright and reversed meanings for each card, techniques for reading, spreads and quick reference charts. It is a wonderful springboard as you begin a new relationship-your relationship with the Lover’s Path Tarot!