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A Review of the Inner Wizard Message Cards

The Inner Wizard is a unique oracle deck, written by Jacob Roth, and created, designed, produced and published by Livi Ram and Orna Ben-Shoshan. The publisher is Kabbalah Insights.

It’s interesting to say that a deck of cards was “written” by someone, usually oracle cards feature scenic or symbolic images. While the Inner Wizard cards are colorful, they use words rather than pictures to convey their messages.

Because the cards contain easily-understood written messages, there is no need to study or read a book in order to use them. The cards come with a single page of written instructions, which clearly explain many ways to use this unusual oracle.

The deck contains eighty-four cards. The cards are small and square, and come in an attractive box with a lift-off lid. The cards are printed on a quality stock, and feel good in my hands.

The cards are of assorted coloring, but there is no explanation or obvious reason for the color differences. I tried sorting the cards by color, and was frustrated that I couldn’t find a correlation. I have to say, this sort of unexplained choice in an oracle deck bothers me. If you are going to use color as part of an oracle, please tell us your intentions so we can enjoy the magick, too. Simple aesthetic choices only go so far where tools of divination are concerned.

The cards are not numbered, and have no particular order. However, the deck does have a structure that is fascinating.

Each card is two-sided. One side is a lovely reddish pink, with a faded border of suns, moons and astrology glyphs. This side of the cards is the back, and these messages are “renewed choice proclamations.”

The front of each card has color, as I described. Astrology symbols are in the background. Each card is a “notelet” from “someone that represents your higher self”, according to the instruction sheet.
The notelets are lengthy. This divination will require few cards, and much active process of the part of the seeker.

Although the publisher is “Kabbalah Insights”, the wisdom in each notelet doesn’t seem to come from any particular source or school of thought outside of basic feel-good-conscious-living neo-spirituality.  They resonate well enough for me, and I think they will resonate for those willing to do some deep inner seeking.

The notelets each bear attribution to an “inner wizard”.  The notelet you receive might be from “your future self”, “your fear”, “your big dream”, “God”, “Mother earth ”, “your future self” “your sex organ”, “your soul”, and so forth. I do not believe there are two from exactly the same attributed source.

I think some folks will have a tendency to find some of the notelets, and their attributions, a bit smarmy, or corny. I am not sure, for instance, that I want to receive a note, in divination, from my vagina. I am also not sure that I am comfortable with someone else imagining what my vagina might want to say to me.  Other folks may be uncomfortable with notelets attributed to “God” or “The Divine Mother.” 

My answer to that is this. There are eighty-four cards, unnumbered. If you find a card that offends you, remove it from the deck!  Before you do, though, it might be a good exercise to figure out why you are offended, and to find some insight and healing in that process.

Also on the front of each card are astrology glyphs. These glyphs correspond to a table that takes up half of the one-page printed instruction sheet. This table lists the corresponding zodiac signs divided into “Reinforcing features” and “Weakening features” for each astrological archetype.

The astrological signs in this context are not a reference to the natal chart of the seeker or their friends. Rather, this association adds helpful information about the way to carry out the instruction of the card.

A side benefit is that, if you are struggling to learn basic astrology, this deck will teach you the glyphs and the archetypes quite painlessly.

A simple one-card reading, then, will have three pieces to it. First, the notelet will give you your focus. Second, the astrological archetype will give you advice about how to process that focus. Finally, the back of the card will give you an affirmation to help you embrace the communication you have received from your higher self.

This is definitely not a fortune-telling deck, nor is a deck to use if you are not looking for actual insight. I can imagine many ways to use this deck in introspection, journaling, group process, and in conjunction with other tools.

You can get your copy of the Inner Wizard cards directly from Kabbalah Insights.

In a world where many oracle decks seem simply like a shallow collection of pretty pictures, The Inner Wizard offers us the opportunity to use divination as a gateway to deep personal introspection and manifestation.

To see the deck in action, watch the video!