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A Review of "Art Through the Starstream Oracle"

Art Through the Starstream Oracle
By Cheryl Yambrach Rose

“Art Through the Starstream Oracle” is a new 52-card oracle deck by visionary artist Cheryl Yambrach Rose. Although this deck stands on its own as a complete oracle, it can also be used as a companion to the artist’s earlier work, “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul Oracle.”

The two decks are the same size and card number, and of a similar style. The Starstream Oracle’s cards are numbered, the first deck’s are not. Both have lovely gilded edges.

In both decks, each card represents an archetype. The archetypes are from the myths and legends of many cultures. Each card is a marvelous work of art. The images include many people with long flowing hair and ceremonial garb. Although cards in both decks represent many different cultures, quite a few myths and characters represented seem to be Celtic and British. The characters reflect both Pagan and Christian themes.

Now that I have “Art Through the Starstream”, I like “Art Through the Eyes of the Soul” much more than I originally did. There are instructions for using the two decks together in the Starstream Oracle’s 113-page booklet, written by the artist.

I think Cheryl Yambrach Rose has grown as an artist in the past few years. At least, I love the paintings of the new oracle, and I was lukewarm about the painting of the first oracle. It’s not that the art of the first deck is bad, it’s actually lovely. To me, something about the Starstream Oracle feels deeper and more evocative.

The Starstream Oracle works with the theory that visitors from other worlds inspired many of our spiritual myths and archetypes.

This oracle speaks to those people who find themselves longing for their lost home; the starseed, the crystal people, the Atlantians, and Lemurians. It also speaks to people who believe that those who live among the stars have long been in contact with us.

 I have to say that, while I am sure it is likely there is life on other planets; my spiritual path doesn’t deal with extraterrestrials in any way. Frankly, I’ve at times been concerned about the sanity of those whose spiritual base is off-planet. Recently, I’ve evolved on this a bit, especially after a conversation with Patricia Cori, artist of the Sirian Starseed Tarot.

I have occasionally read for people who did in fact seem to fit on this planet even less than the rest of us. They found comfort in the ideas that perhaps, on some level, they are not native to this planet, or that they have some connection to extraterrestrial beings. I think those folks who feel a longing for the stars, or for sunken islands of yore, will resonant completely with this lovely oracle deck.

Beyond the beautiful artwork, there are two things I really like about “Art Through the Starstream Oracle.” One is Rose’s thorough research and well-written explanation of each card. The other is that each card bears an extremely specific key phrase. For instance, the first card is “The High Priestess from the Land of the Arianni”.  In a very interesting story that bears further research, Rose explains representatives of the Arianni, the “Inner World of Earth”, appeared to Admiral Byrd in 1947 at the North Pole.  The key phrase on the card says “Be Open to Communication from an Unexpected Place”.

I like these sorts of key phrases much more than the generic one-word phrases on many oracles cards.

Other characters, myths and archetypes making an appearance in this deck include Mary Magdalene, King Arthur, the Bedouins, and the Black Madonna of Prague. The more I read the booklet, the more I find my skepticism about our interaction with extraterrestrials, and the spiritual significance therein, suspended.

This deck reminds me of a story. When I first moved to Florida, I was staying at a resort that catered to an eclectic mix of New Agers from around the world and native Florida locals. On my first night there, I met a Florida native. He told me about the community’s monthly drum circle. “It’s fun,” he said. “But some of the people at the drum circle are definitely waiting for the spaceship to land.”
Then, without skipping a beat, he asked, “So, what do you do for a living?”
I laughed, and answered.
“I’m a tarot reader. I, too, am waiting for the spaceship to land.”

I think all those who are indeed waiting for the spaceship to land, and even some who aren’t, will enjoy this creative oracle.