Personal Tarot - Reading for Yourself


All Levels/Everyone Welcome

This class is designed for serious tarot students who want to develop their tarot skills. Self-reading is the best way to learn to understand the cards. It is also an important practice for personal and spiritual growth.

Christiana’s virtual classroom is accessible using your computer or your telephone.

This online presentation will teach you good practices for self reading. You will be able to identify and interpret your specific personal cards. You will be able to use self-reading to enhance your tarot studies. Christiana will help you explore specific techniques for self-reading that will help you derive all the information you need.


1. Understanding Self-Reading
Self-reading is an important part of tarot study and personal growth. There are many myths and misconceptions about self-reading. The truth is, a reader must be able to self-read in order to develop a relationship with the cards, and a sense of self-understanding.

2. Personal Cards
Using numerology, astrology and our understanding of the cards, we can discover cards that have special personal meaning to us. These cards help us to understand who we are, and what are specific challenges are. When they come up in readings, they offer special insight and information.

3. Tarot Rituals
Tarot students must develop personal tarot practices that aid in study and development. These practices, such as journaling, give us a foundation for our tarot journey.

4. Tarot Dialogue
When we read for ourselves, we can use the cards to actually converse with our Higher Self, or our spirit guides. This process involves asking questions and pulling cards in a dialogue format.

5. Interpretations in Self-Reading
In self-reading, understanding the spiritual lessons of the cards is particularly important. It is also important to see the many possible interpretations of each card, and understand that many interpretations could apply simultaneously. A good way to hone predictive skills is to keep track of your predictions for yourself, along with the actual outcomes.

Total Time: 1 hour 30 min

This is a Premium Internet Event

This event is available on the internet only using the Webex web application. A small fee of $20.00 USD is required to attend.