An In-Depth Journey into the Major Arcana - The Material World



Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet has developed a system for learning and understanding tarot that will help each tarot seeker use the cards not only as potent tools of divination, but also as tools for spiritual growth.

With this system, card meanings are easy to remember, and the lessons of each card are easy to understand.

Beginners will develop a solid foundation for their tarot study. Experienced readers will discover new ways to utilize tarot.

In this class, students will develop an understanding of The Fool, and the first seven cards of The Major Arcana. These cards hold the secrets of career, relationships and personal mastery.

Students will learn the astrological, numerological and elemental associations for each card. Students will contemplate the Fool’s Journey through these seven cards, and discuss how the lessons of each card apply to common experiences in modern life.

The first seven cards are a map for mastering the material world. Students will learn the invaluable philosophies inherent in these cards.

Armed with a complete understanding of each card, students will have an easy time learning ways of interpreting the cards when reading for themselves and others.


1. Reading tarot - Understanding vs. Interpreting
It is important for students to develop an understanding of each tarot card, as well as simply memorizing an interpretation. Understanding comes from learning the archetypes, esoteric systems and spiritual lessons associated with each card. It is also important to understand that tarot is more than a tool for divination. Each card is a key to unlock the mysteries of life.

2. The Fool, and the Significance of the Fool
The Fool, Card 0, represents each one of us on our journey through life. Tarot is "The Fool's Journey". When we understand the lessons of the Fool, we can use these lessons to understand our own challenges.

3. The Three Parts of the Major Arcana
One way to understand the Fool's Journey through the Major Arcana is to divide cards One – Twenty-One into three groups of seven. The first group represents lessons of the material world, the second group represents lessons of emotional growth, and the third represents our journey toward spiritual enlightenment.

4. Understanding the First Seven Cards
Cards One through Seven (Magician through Chariot) each have an astrological, numerological and elemental association. These associations help us to understand, remember and interpret the cards.

5. Interpreting the First Seven Cards
Each card, Magician through Chariot, has key words, traditional interpretations and spiritual lessons that we can use in divination, spiritual study and meditation.

6. The Lessons of the First Seven Cards
As we look at the Fool's Journey through the first seven cards, we learn valuable lessons about our own ability to master the challenges of the material world.

7. A Reading Using the First Seven Cards
Each student will perform an insightful one-card reading to give insight into their own journey toward mastery of the material world.

Total Time: 1 hour 30 min

Total Time: 0 sec

This is a Premium Event Available in West Palm Beach

A small fee of $20.00 USD is required to attend.