An In-Depth Journey into the Major Arcana - Emotional Balance



TemperanceThis hands-on workshop will focus on Major Arcana cards Eight through Fourteen, Strength through Temperance. Christiana will present these cards as the keys to enhancing emotional growth and finding emotional balance.

This class will help tarot beginners develop a solid foundation for their tarot study. Experienced readers will discover new ways to utilize tarot.

Christiana will teach this class in her West Palm Beach classroom at the Harvey Building in downtown West Palm Beach at 224 Datura Street.

Students will follow the Fool’s Journey through the world of emotional growth, and develop an understanding of how these seven cards hold the secrets of emotional healing and personal well-being.

Students will learn the astrological, numerological and elemental associations for each card. Students will contemplate the Fool’s Journey through these seven cards, and discuss how the lessons of each card apply to the challenges of personal growth.

These seven cards plot a journey toward emotional balance and well-being. Students will learn the invaluable philosophies inherent in these cards.

Armed with a complete understanding of each card, students will have an easy time learning ways of interpreting the cards when reading for themselves and others.


1. Introduction/Review of the Fool's Journey
Tarot is not only a tool of divination, but also a book of spiritual wisdom that centers around the journey of the Fool. Each card can be understood as having a prophetic value, but also a spiritual lesson. The second group of seven Major Arcana cards, cards Eight through Fourteen, speaks of the Fool's Journey toward emotional healing, growth and balance. Each card can be interpreted as a lesson in emotional growth.

2. Understanding the Second Seven Cards
Cards Eight through Fourteen (Strength through Temperance) each have an astrological, numerological and elemental association. These associations help us to understand, remember and interpret the cards.

3. The Strength/Justice Switch
In some decks and traditions, Strength and Justice trade their numerical order. Is there significance to the placement of these two cards?

4. Interpreting the Second Seven Cards
Each card, Strength through Temperance, has key words, traditional interpretations and spiritual lessons that we can use in divination, spiritual study and meditation.

5. The Lessons of the Second Seven Cards
As we look at the Fool's Journey through the Second seven cards, we learn valuable lessons about our own ability to master the challenges of the emotional world.

6. A Reading Using the Second Seven Cards
Each student will perform an insightful one-card reading to give insight into their own journey toward emotional growth, healing and balance.

Total Time: 1 hour 30 min

This is a Premium Event Available in West Palm Beach

A small fee of $20.00 USD is required to attend.