Christiana Gaudet

Tarot Grandmaster

Tarot is a book of spiritual wisdom in picture form that tells the story of all human experience.

With tarot, we connect with Spirit to discern wise guidance for the present, develop understanding of the past, and learn ways to work to manifest our goals and possibilities for the future.

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October "Share and Compare" Meetup

With Samhain coming up, it is a time to celebrate the difference between This World and the Nevernever as the veils thin. It's a time of contemplation of the Past, with what worked and didn't, and an assessment of our Present to determine the path of our Future.

One of the things that I find so refreshing about the Tarot Meetup Group is that every month I never know which decks I'll see other members bring in, but I can pretty much guarantee they're epic. So let's turn things on their head, shall we?

Your assignment for the meetup is simple... bring the deck you really like best (you know, the one you turn to most often) and the deck you absolutely despise and cannot connect with (you know, the "Spice Girls" tarot deck).

We will be discussing what works for us and why a certain deck we chose does the trick and where things went horribly wrong for Posh and Ginger. But there's more, and this is going to be very controversial.... Sam's gonna flip but I don't think this has ever been done before...

...for the members who wish to participate, we will swap the decks we cannot connect with. Perhaps with the transferrence to a "new existence" there will be new connections, new beginnings, new "crossing overs" to something better.

See you on the 21st!