South Florida Tarot February Meetup


Come check out the Spider Web's new digs, enjoy the energy and talk Tarot with others who cover a broad spectrum of decks, knowledge and experience. Debate and converse about various discussion topics relating to the Arcanae and the suits, notes of interest, and strategies to hone reading skills and much more.

There will be a mental exercise intended to sharpen your focus and strengthen your connection to your decks, so please don't forget to bring a deck and a cloth to practice on. Don't worry about which one to bring -- we use everything from Rider-Waite to Deviant to Ted Andrews.

Finally we'll learn a new spread, "Compatibility / Relationship" to expand our abilities and inspire us towards creating our own layouts. Remember, as long as it works and you're comfortable with it, there are no "bad" spreads.

If you need more info, you can contact me at or call Sam and Debbie at Spider Web, 954-926-5513. Thank you all for being a part of a wonderful event, and if you weren't here you missed a lot... so stop in on the 18th!

-Nick Moore