Psychic Circle

Join us at the Jupiter Metaphysical Meetup Group!

If you are looking for answers in your own life, if you are developing your own psychic ability, or if you are simply looking to enjoy fellowship with like-minded people, please join us for an enjoyable evening of psychic exploration.
We will begin the evening with a group meditation. Then we will have a short discussion on ways to use intuition, psychic ability and divination to enhance and improve your daily life, and encourage your spiritual growth and healing.
We will spend the second hour of our meeting seeking answers for ourselves and each other. Professional psychic Christiana Gaudet and healer and intuitive James Lane will be on hand to offer their insight, and to encourage each participant to hear and understand their own wisdom.
Please bring divination tools if you have them, such as cards, runes and pendulums.
Suggested love donation: $10.