The Four Elements and the Major Arcana - A Free Webinar

The four elements of life are Earth, Air, Fire and Water. They each have metaphysical properties as well as physical properties.

The four elements correlate with the four suits of the Minor Arcana of the tarot. They also correlate with individual cards of the Major Arcana.

The term “Major Arcana” means “Greater Secrets.” The twenty-two cards of the Major Arcana contain the most spiritual messages and lessons of the tarot, and tell the story of our journey through life.

When we learn the elemental associations for each of the Major Arcana cards, we have a clear way to understand these important cards.

This 75 minute class will help the tarot student more fully understand the four elements. It will provide a deeper way to comprehend each of the Major Arcana cards. The student will be able to more fully interpret the Major Arcana cards, whether reading for self or others.

This class is appropriate for beginners, and readers of all levels.

Webex is an industry standard, web based meeting application available to tarot students anywhere in the world.  It is easy to join the meeting using your computer, telephone or both.

There is no fee for this webinar but your gift of a love donation is always appreciated and helps support this series of webinars.

For more information, log in instructions, to download the handout and for love donation gift options please visit the event listing on Tarot by Christiana's Continuing Education website.