Opening To Spirit

Join Certified Tarot Grandmaster Christiana Gaudet for
a fascinating journey into the world of Spirit. Christiana
will open with a brief discussion of the many ways Spirit
speaks in our lives. She will lead the group in a powerful
meditation to create the safe and sacred space in which
Spirit can easily speak. After the meditation, Christiana
will give readings in an exciting and informative psychic
gallery. Christiana has astounded large audiences with her
gallery presentations on nightclub and festival stages. In
this intimate setting each participant will receive
information from Spirit. You will be able to ask questions
about your life and your priorities. You may even receive a
message from a departed loved one!


Christiana has been a full time tarot professional since
1994. She is the founder of Tarot Circle study groups in
Connecticut and Pennsylvania as well as West Palm Beach; she is
now located here in South Florida. She has been performing
readings on nightclub stages, broadcast radio and network
television for many years.

Christiana is a Certified Tarot
Grandmaster through the Tarot Certification Board of