The Minor Arcana- A Beginner/Review Level Class

This class will cover the "Pip" cards, which are the four suits, Ace through Ten. You will learn how the Four Elements are associated with the four suits, and how numerology corrosponds to the Tarot.
These forty cards provide the framwork of the Tarot. With a strong understanding of these cards, even the novice reader can perform detailed readings that offer practical advice.
On a spiritual level, each suit of the Minor Arcana offers a pathway to wholeness, wellness and balance.
This three-hour class (6:30-9:30 pm) will give you everything you need to know to develop an understanding of the Minor Arcana.

Anyone with an interest in Tarot is welcome to take this class. Please bring a fully illustrated Tarot deck, or be prepared to purchase one at the class. Your class fee of $25 may be paid with check, cash or credit at the beginning of class.

Call me with any questions! 561-655-1160