Create Your Own Toy Oracle with Mary Ellen Collins

Create and use your own personal Toy Oracle!
A Toy Oracle is a one-of-a-kind divination tool that is as unique as you are. It is a creative form of divination that uses odds and ends like small toys, charms, and pieces of jewelry- or anything else you can find in your junk drawers.
Mary Ellen will guide you in the process of selecting tokens, discovering their meanings and performing readings for yourself and others.
Your Toy Oracle can be used as your primary psychic tool. It can also be a compelling companion to tarot, palmistry or any other psychic art. Whether you are an experienced reader or a curious novice, creating a Toy Oracle will add a new dimension and new insight to your intuitive explorations.
Start Collecting Your Toy Oracle Now!
If you plan to participate, start gathering small items, and get ready to bring them to the workshop on January 19. If you find some that you don’t want or need, bring them along to share. Try to bring at least ten items.
Look around your home, or even try thrift stores and craft stores for interesting items such as: seashells, stones, bottle caps, sea glass, crystals, little toys, cast off earrings, charms, tiny figurines, buttons, marbles, beads, small statues, game pieces, coins, rings, pendants, keys...
Bring a scarf or a handkerchief for a casting cloth and a box or pouch to hold your oracle. Also bring a tarot deck, oracle deck or other psychic tools if you use them. Get ready to have fun creating a brand new way to seek wisdom from the Universe!
Bring a snack to share if you can!