Finding Your Core

This workshop is an expanded, in-depth presentation of the 20 minute talk I gave at the wonderful Women's Radiance Celebration and Empowerment Summit.
Bring tarot and oracle cards if you have them!

In physical fitness, your core strength is what sustains and supports your body. In metaphysical fitness, if you will, your core strength is your true identity; the person that you were born to be.
When we identify our core strengths, we develop a better understanding of our who we are. We find personal power, a sense of purpose, and an understanding of our weaknesses, as well as our gifts.
When we understand who we are, we can stop trying to be who we are not. We find power in living authentically, and in presenting our true selves to the world.

In this workshop you will learn and practice a number of techniques to help you discern, understand and present your core self.