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Exploring the Tarot

Tarot Cards Spread and scattered on Table Haphazardly

Tarot is the name given to a deck of 78 cards. Designed originally as both art and game, tarot has evolved over its 500-year life into a book of wisdom that works with archetypes and symbols to inspire us, and help us make sense of our lives.

Much more than a system of mere fortune-telling, the images of tarot find their way into fashion and popular culture. Over the years, scholars have discovered correspondences between the tarot images and astrology, Kabballah and numerology. Today, modern seekers use tarot as a tool for self-understanding, goal-setting and creativity.

While it take many years to develop a mastery of tarot understanding, any curious person can immediately find wisdom and insight within the tarot images.

Join Christiana Gaudet, a full-time tarot professional, for an exploration of tarot that will help you understand the history and cultural importance of tarot, as well as its many uses. You’ve heard that a picture is worth a thousand words; nowhere is that more true than in tarot.

Bring a tarot deck, or borrow one at the workshop. As you participate in this fast-paced and exciting workshop, you will learn something about tarot, and, more importantly, something about yourself.

I'll be teaching this tarot class at True Bikram Yoga in Madison. Call 561-655-1160 for more information.