Photographs and Memories and. . .Testamonials!

Follow this link, or go to "About Christiana" and check out my new digital scrapbook!  There's all kinds of memorabila, dating back to 1994.  Some of what's there could be considered testamonials, I suppose.

I have always been resistant to posting testamonials online because it seems a little invasive to the privacy of the client.  But everyone I included in the scrapbook wanted me to post their letters, so I was happy to do it.

The other day I saw two spontaneous testamonials my Facebook page, so I wanted to share those as well.  The first is from Cathy in Connecticut.

"Hi Christiana. When you were in CT a couple of years ago, I had a reading with you. You told me to have my husband see a dr. Well I made him an appt and while he was at the dr office he had a heart attack. Thank you for telling me this. You helped save his life.
Miss taking your class. Love your news letter. Thank you ...again"


And here's one from Katrina in South Florida, about Tarot Circle.

"These Tarot circles are so fun and interesting and everyone is friendly and welcoming and eager to share their knowledge. We are so fortunate to have Grandmaster Christiana as our teacher! Her knowledge, wisdom & intuition are amazing! Everyone who has a desire to learn are welcome!!"


Thanks so much for supporting the work I do!