The Sun

A child in bright innocence rides on a brilliant steed

Complete within himself there is nothing more to need

No vestments, saddle, bridle, reins to stay upon the horse

No doubts or worries dull his glow, neither anger, shame, remorse.


One red plume adorns him as he rides toward destiny

Leaving behind the garden of walled security.

What hand will rush to catch him, should he start to fall?

In the power of his happiness, there is no fear at all.


The sun provides the nourishment, warmth and growth and light

The sun supports the child, whose shine is just as bright

To influence the sunflowers, by purpose or by whim

Instead of turning toward the sun, the flowers all face him.

The Sun is card 19 of the Major Arcana

The Sun is card 19 of the Major Arcana

About the Author

Christiana Gaudet

Christiana Gaudet Since the mid-1990s Christiana Gaudet has worked as a full-time tarot professional. From her home near Tampa, Florida she offers readings and mentoring by Skype and telephone, as well as tarot webinars and classes.